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Brand & Logo Design.

When it comes to thriving, growing, and developing your online business, brand harmonisation across your entire online presence is vital. Having cohesive, recognisable, and powerful branding sets your business apart in the noise online, letting you cultivate real brand recognition, loyalty and authority within your niche.

Whether you’re looking to rebrand your business, disrupt an industry or launch a fresh new project, we can help craft the unified package that will see you thrive.

Create the brand you need!

From logo to website design, social media presence to physical signage and stationery, you need the right branding for your business. Creating a unified whole can be hugely important for your business, from digital marketing to cultivating brand recognition, no business can afford to neglect its branding.

Our process starts with understanding your business, your manifesto and approach, and everything else that makes you unique. From there, we develop the kind of branding that sets you apart and ahead of your competitors, utilising an iterative process with plenty of feedback from you. This isn’t a one-step click-and-collect approach, we craft the branding that you will love, and so will your customers.  

Refresh your visual identity!

Keeping up with the times is important, and first impressions are everything online. If you want your business perceived as contemporary, up-to-date and innovative, you cannot be using branding that looks dated. Refreshing and rebranding your visual identity can be a powerful option, especially alongside launching new digital marketing campaigns and embracing new growth.


Whether you’re launching a new product or just looking to revamp your online presence, we can help inject new life into your branding, across your website, social media and physical materials, we’ll see your business looking contemporary and modern again.  

Yaz Designs Logo

Logo Design.

From understanding your business through to revisions and feedback, we can craft the right logo to represent your business to the world. We know what works online, and in the real world, and create logos that set businesses apart from the crowd. From social media to your website, we create professional logos that elevate your branding.

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We keep in mind the strict parameters combing them with their creative skills to give you designs that your customers will likely and remember thus increasing the popularity of your brand.

  • When it comes to visuals, less is more is the way to get maximum attention. In fact, minimalism rules all domains of modern life and it is important that your target consumer and customer groups are able to identify themselves with your business logo in the same pulse.

  • A sound knowledge of colour schemes and its effects on human minds is an all-important aspect of logo design. The colours used for your company logo design should evoke the emotion of the consumer and be the driving force behind the successful sale.

  • The best and the most popular logos across the globe are those that follow a single or at the most dual colour schemes with a single font. Energetic, serene, aristocratic, elite or trusting, our designers make use of the colours and their shades that bring out the definitive emotion from the viewer.

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