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Terms & Conditions

1. Yaz Designs Limited Terms and Conditions

The following are the standard terms and conditions for Website Design and Website Development work and apply to all work completed by Yaz Designs Limited for the clients.

2. Website Design and Development Quotes and Specifications
All quotes and specifications are provided free of charge by Yaz Designs Limited based on information provided by you.

3. Website Design and Development Payments
Yaz Designs Limited will require a 50% deposit before commencing any website design and development work. Yaz Designs will send you a 50% deposit invoice once instructed to commerce work by you (Client). The final 50% payment will be required once all work is completed to your satisfaction.  Final 50% payment must be made within 7 working days.


The 50% deposit is only refundable if Yaz Designs Limited  has not completed work to the agree website design and development specification. The 50% deposit is not refundable if the website design and development has started and you terminate the contract through no fault of Yaz Designs.

4. Content for Website Design and Development

You will be required to supply all content required to complete your website based on the supplied specification and quote. The content required may include, but not limited to, images, photography, written content, video content and logos. If there is a delay is supplying these materials to Yaz Designs, we have the right to extend deadlines which are outlined in the specification and quote by a reasonable amount.

If you fail to supply agreed materials which prevents Yaz Designs Limited from completing your project, we reserve the rights to invoice you for any part or parts of work which has been already completed.

5. Project Development Delays and Client Liability
Time frames for work to be completed are based upon your co-operation to complete project(s). We expect there will be a certain amount of feedback required in-order to make progress on your web projects. We require a single point of contact to be appointed by you and be made available on a daily basis to ensure your project is delivered on-time.

6. Changes to Your Requirements
Yaz Designs Limited offers you (Client) the opportunity to give us feedback on any artwork produce. Yaz Designs Limited allow a reasonable amount of revision to artwork where required. We reserve the rights to charge additional fees if you make changes to the original agreed specification which affects the overall design concept.

7. Ecommerce Web Development
You (Client) must ensure you are complying with all laws relating to any eCommerce website developed by Yaz Designs Limited. You agree to indemnify Yaz Designs Limited  from any claims, tax penalties or damages arising from your eCommerce online sales activities.

8. Search Engines
Yaz Designs Limited does not guarantee specific positions in search engine results for any website created. We offer free level 1 search engine optimisation according to current search engine optimisation best practices.

9. Consequential Loss
Yaz Designs Limited shall not be liable for any loss or damage which you (client) may suffer which may be caused but limited to website downtime, application errors or completion of website development.

10. Cross Browser Compatibility
Yaz Designs Limited will design and develop your website using current trends and up-to-date technology. Our goal is to ensure your website is fully functional on the latest version of web browsers as follows: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Old and obsolete web browsers may not be compatible with your website.

11. Website Ownership & Licensing
Yaz Designs Limited reserves full rights over any website developed until you have made full payments for all work completed. You will have full ownership of website once all your payments have cleared. You (Client) must request permission before any websites created by Yaz Designs Limited can be replicated or distributed to any third parties. All websites developed for you (Client) are single licence authorised unless prior agreements have been made between Yaz Designs Limited and you (client).

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