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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance.

The internet isn’t static, it’s continually evolving, changing, and adapting, and if you want to stay ahead, your website needs to do the same. We can design and build you the perfect website for your business but succeeding online is about more than that. From blog posts to technical updates, everyone should be keeping a regular check on their website.

Left alone, websites become outdated, slow, vulnerable, and unreliable, fortunately, we have packages to suit every business, brand and budget, allowing you to rest easy knowing your site is taken care of.

Website maintenance is everything from making sure your website is fully updated and secure to keeping everything contemporary, fresh and on-brand. 

  • Powerful, reliable security and updates

  • Regular back-ups to restore your website in case of cyberattacks

  • Consistent content updates and optimisation

  • On-going support

  • Maintain and improve website speed and performance

  • Analytics and reports


By making sure that your website and plugins are completely up to date at all times, and implementing the latest security techniques, we can help you avoid the hassle of cyberattacks. Not only this, but we provide consistent backups, so you know that should anything ever go wrong, your site will be back up instantaneously.

Keep Things Running Fast

No one wants to have a big investment like a website become slow, outdated, or vulnerable. Our website maintenance packages allow you to rest easy knowing that your site is in good hands, no matter what happens. We know your website, and we know what it takes to not only keep it running smoothly but through consistent updates and diligence keep improving and refining its performance.

Analytics, Optimisation, and Reports

If you’re wanting to keep improving your website’s performance, you need the data, analytics, and reports to guide you. From bounce rate to page loading speed, we can provide key insights and keep your site thriving. We can analyse this data, shoring up areas for improvement and making sure you’re always improving your site performance and staying ahead of the curve.

  • Expect the Unexpected and Plan for the Future.

  • Tracking success and continuous Improvements

  • You take care of your business, and let us take care of your website

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan?

Yaz Designs' fixed monthly website maintenance packages allow our clients to save as they do not need to hire a resource on a part time or on a full-time basis for supporting and sustaining their websites.

  • A low monthly fee allowing spreading the cost over a year;

  • Peace of mind and far cheaper than ad-hoc support work;

  • Regular back-ups to restore websites in case of any hack attacks;

  • Website stays current as all content changes are applied on time; and

  • Errors are spotted before your customers spot them.


Most of our clients signup for our monthly maintenance plan after go-live. Not only clients are extremely pleased with their experience, but also able to see the faster return on investment their monthly maintenance provides.


Talk to us, and we can suggest a right maintenance option for you based on your unique business needs.

    Digital design stands at the intersection of creativity and pragmatism, we push boundaries while helping you connect with customers. Encapsulating your brand, developing your visual language, and helping you establish and engage your audience, powerful design sets businesses apart.
    You need an intuitive website that captures attention and enhances your brand. Getting that perfect mix of convention and creativity increases your leads and is integral to growing your business. ​ Think of your website as your virtual shop front. We work hard to get customers through the door and then make sure they stick around.
    Want to sell products in an online shop? Our eCommerce web designs are here for you. ​ Sometimes a simple brochure website doesn’t cut it. Perhaps you need to take bookings online, sell your products and services or receive detailed quote requests?
    A mobile-friendly designed website is a future-facing website, which is why we prioritise device responsivity from the very beginning. We know what it takes to thrive and adapt in the long term. No matter how small the screen or patchy the internet, your website needs to look, load, and perform flawlessly.
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