Website Maintenance

Great, you now have a new website that meets your business needs; however, it’s unfortunate but a reality that regular maintenance is a vital part of being successful on the internet.

  • Expect the Unexpected and Plan for the Future.

  • Tracking success and continuous Improvements

  • You take care of your business, and let us take care of your website


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What Are the Benefits of Having a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan?

Yaz Designs' fixed monthly website maintenance packages allow our clients to save as they do not need to hire a resource on a part time or on a full-time basis for supporting and sustaining their websites.

  • A low monthly fee allowing spreading the cost over a year;

  • Peace of mind and far cheaper than ad-hoc support work;

  • Regular back-ups to restore websites in case of any hack attacks;

  • Website stays current as all content changes are applied on time; and

  • Errors are spotted before your customers spot them.


Most of our clients signup for our monthly maintenance plan after go-live. Not only clients are extremely pleased with their experience, but also able to see the faster return on investment their monthly maintenance provides.


Talk to us, and we can suggest a right maintenance option for you based on your unique business needs.